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Journey Home

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Journey Home EP Cover Painting by: Mike Bayne

‘Everyone should get to hear this sweet and truthful music.’ — Bruce Cockburn
‘Kyra & Tully’s insidiously hooky songs have a way of sticking with you long after the disc stops spinning’. — Now Magazine (Toronto)

“The EP’s title track “Journey Home” is a proper Canadian folk tune. Using Lake Ontario as the setting for a melancholic song about love, it’s reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s music— down tempo and melodic, glazed with a tint of sorrow and a feeling of loss.” Grey Owl Point Music Blog (Canada)

“There’s something distinctly Ontarian about Kyra and Tully’s fourth release, Journey Home. Between Kyra’s stunning, Sarah Harmer-esque vocals, the winter weather-inspired lyrics and the laid-back banjo arrangements (and perhaps their history of being featured on CTV’s Degrassi Junior High), this Kingston-based husband-wife duo is Central Canadiana to the core.”  Exclaim!  (Canada)