Everyone should get to hear this sweet and truthful music.’ — Bruce Cockburn

Kyra & Tully’s insidiously hooky songs have a way of sticking with you long after the disc stops spinning’. — Now Magazine (Toronto)

‘Kingston-based twosome Kyra Walker and Michael “Tully” Pearson craft a beautifully understated marvel of handmade folk invention that sounds every bit as sweet the silver-embossed cardboard package looks.’    Now Magazine (Toronto)

The Kingston, ON couple’s melodies also contain a trace of wistful sadness that might just touch you in your tender places if you’re not careful. Sung with the utmost sincerity, the duo’s lyrics are sweet (but not cloying) and employ the vocabulary of nature’s ebb and flow — the morning sun, the twinkling stars, the rushing river — to tackle matters of the human heart and the universal struggles of daily life.’ Exclaim! (Toronto)

Kyra Walker and Tully Pearson are in the final mixing stages of a brand new fully produced, 11 original songs studio album called ‘Time’.

Kyra and Tully spent time recording on and off between May-October 2019 at the beautiful Leopard Frog Studio in Battersea Ontario, set amid the gorgeous landscape overlooking a serene view overlooking two lakes and 200 forested acres. The drum tracks were recorded at musician Kevin Bowers downtown Kingston studio.

With awe inspiring natural beauty seen from the studio windows,  the musical husband and wife teamed up once again (Kyra and Tully (2006); Far Away (2009); and Wildlife in and out of the City (2010)  with co-producer and engineer extraordinaire Chris Coleman (Nightsun, Nuvu Music).

The trio (in between travels to Europe ( K& T mainly Germany with excursions to Switerland, Austria and France)  and Chris to Norway and back to the North and doing some final recording and mixing sessions for ‘TIme’ in his studio in Iqaluit, Nunavut! carefully lay down bed tracks (vocals, acoustic guitars and piano) while gradually inviting their stellar multi-talented musician friends to add sublimeness to the production including Danielle Lennon (violin); Mara Shaw (cello);

Tim Crease (upright bass);

Alex Terry (guitar, vocals, violin); Van Sheen (electric guitar);

Tim Sheffield (vocals);

Pete Bowers (drums) and

Oscar Evans (drums);

Roger James (banjo):

Jason Erb (pianette);

and Val Hamilton (saxophone) (picture pending).

The all original heartfelt songs on ‘Time’ span over two decades, before married life with child (1990’s) and during. This special album marks the passing of time. Kyra and Tully have been making and releasing music as a duo since 2001 on wards. A couple of the songs were written just weeks before going into the studio.  Kyra and Tully ‘Time’ embraces the sweetest of layered vocal harmonies, heart soaring melodies intricately woven with meticulously produced  instrumentation.

The lyrics of Kyra and Tully ‘Time’ resonate a depth and passionate love for nature, animals, humanity (self and others), infused with a richness of broad experiences that explore both inner and outer season changing landscapes.

‘Time’ is a transformative journey through a myriad of thoughts and ever changing feelings and weather, travels and changing seasons; at once self reflective and world observing.

It’s the love Kyra and Tully wish to share in the gift of their music and it’s present all through “Time” and they are super excited to share it with you soon!


In 2015 Kyra and Tully released a five song EP called  Journey Home  that has a stellar sonic flare, thanks to co-producer Matt Rogalsky (PS I Love You, Gertrudes, Memory Device). It sees them delving back into themes of love, nature and the mysteries of human existence. The songs are rich and melodic, beautifully capturing the fragility that lies in the space between sadness and hope. At once upbeat and melancholy, Kyra and Tully’s sincere songwriting will keep you humming along.

Journey Home includes musical contributions from Spencer Evans (Cowboy Junkies), Amanda Balsys (The Wilderness of Manitoba) Danielle Lennon (Kris and Dee), Gord Tough (Kathleen Edwards) and many others.

  • Kyra and Tully were named as a regional finalist in CBC’s Searchlight 2014 contest.
  • Kyra and Tully’s music has been featured in CTV’s Degrassi, in the CBC Television series ‘Moving On’, and in the documentary film, ‘Coming Out Again’
  • Their music appears on compilation albums including, Friends of Skeleton Park (2008), The Skeleton Park Community Songbook (2011) and Artists for the Algonquin Artists (2008), featuring Daniel Lanois and Bruce Cockburn.
  • Kyra and Tully have performed as part of North by Northeast, Canadian Music Week, and the Brampton Indie Arts Fest, among many other festivals. They have played with heavy hitters such as Bruce Cockburn, Jenn Grant, Stephen Stanley (Lowest of the Low).

There’s something distinctly Ontarian about Kyra and Tully’s fourth release, Journey Home between Kyra’s stunning, Sarah Harmer- esque vocals, the winter weather -inspired lyrics and the laid back banjo arrangements (and perhaps their history of being featured on CTV’s Degrassi Junior High, this Kingston -based husband -wife duo is central Canadiana to the core…Sarah Towie/ Exclaim. ca

The Ep’s title track “Journey Home” is a proper Canadian folk tune, using Lake Ontario as the setting for a melancholic song about love, it’s reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s music-down tempo and melodic, glazed with a tint of sorrow and a feeling of loss. On “Journey Home” Kyra’s vocal performance is largely featured, along with string accompaniment. Her careful and flawless transition between chest and head voice and gentle pronunciation of each word make the songs nature inspired lyrics all the more poetic..” Elysse Cloma / Grey Owl Point

Performer credits on Journey Home

Kyra – vocals on all songs; guitar (1, 3, 5); tambourine (2)
Tully – vocals on all songs; acoustic guitar (3, 5); Rhodes piano (1, 2, 5); Yamaha electric piano (4); ARP String Ensemble (4)
Kezyan – drums on secret track and thanks for rocking our world

Amanda Balsys – violin (5)
Kevin Bowers – electric guitar (4, 5)
Peter Bowers – drums (4)
Paul Clifford – upright bass and cello (5)
Huw Davis – bass guitar (4)
Adam Dawson – electric guitar (3)
Lia Dawson – vocal harmonies (3)
Spencer Evans – Korg organ (2)
Roger James – banjo (3,5)
Danielle Lennon – violin (3, 5)
Andy Love – drums (1, 2, 3, 5)
Josh Lyon – Nord organ (1)
Benjamin Perosin – trumpet (2)
Matt Rogalsky – electric bass (1, 2, 3); guitar (1, 2, 3); cowbell (4); tambourine (1,2,4,5) shaker (2,3); vocals (2)
Maddy Ross – cello and vocal harmonies (3)
Jonathan ‘Bunny’ Stewart – saxophone (2)
Gord Tough – electric guitar (1, 2)
Rene Vermette – harmonica (4)Recorded and mixed by Matt Rogalsky/Memory Device Produced by Kyra, Tully and Matt Rogalsky

Released on April 2015, Painting on ‘Journey Home’ cover by artist Mike Bayne<


Journey Home

Journey Home Album

Wildlife (in and out of the city)

Wild Life Album

Far Away

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