Ghost Walker

Ghost Walker By Kyra and Tully.

Original watercolor paintings by M.P. Tully and Lisa Ferguson.

Music video by Wood Creative Group.

Let It Ride w Bruce Cockburn

Kyra and Tully’s CD release party for their latest record ‘Wildlife In and Out of the City’ in Nov. 2009 saw a great line-up with special guest Bruce Cockburn and a performance by Jenn Grant. Kyra and Tully said they felt like it was a dream come true. Hopefully they keep on dreaming big!

Dreamer w Jenn Grant and Bruce Cockburn

Jenn Grant performs ‘Dreamer’ in Nov. 2009 at Sydenham Street United Church in Kingston, Ontario with special guests Kyra and Tully and Bruce Cockburn. A magical evening.

Thunder and Lightning (Live)

Kyra and Tully performing live with a superb group of musicians at Chalmers United Church in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Saturday, April 18, 2015. ‘Journey Home’ CD release.