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Acclaimed Canadian folk - pop singer songwriters Kyra and Tully gear up to launch their fifth studio release, TIME, in November 2020.

The full length album's 11 fully produced original songs span more than two decades of the couple's story, from before the two met, to songs written more recently. The songs are filled with heartfelt lyrics and voices with layers of harmonies woven in orchestral instrumentation. The lyrics explore everything from the joys and challenges of parenting, to the delights of nature, love and an acknowledged shared humanity.

TIME was recorded at Leopard Frog Studio, in Battersea, Ontario by co-producer, engineer and musician Chris Coleman (Nightsun, Nuvu Music), who also did some of the mixing at his studio in Iqaluit, Nunavut. From May to November, 2019, Kyra and Tully and their stellar musical friends continued to add to the album, working on it slowly in between stays in a cabin nestled in the woods (100-acre bio dynamic farm); trips to a remote beach, and travels in and around Europe.

A transformative musical journey, TIME is inspired by the changing weather of the seasons and in our own selves, exploring inner and outer landscapes. It is at once self-reflective and observing of the wider world. With this album, both Kyra and Tully seek to share the gift of their music and its presents all through TIME.
TIME is now available to order on VINYL Record, CD and Down Load Card- that includes a SongBook with lyrics and chords, featuring 14 original paintings by wildlife artist Lisa Fergson!

Stream the 1st Official Single from Time: Flowers Wild

Our first official single from our upcoming album titled Time is finally here! Stream Flowers Wild on Bandcamp.

About Flowers Wild from Kyra:

“I wrote Flowers Wild during a life changing experience the first time we helped to take care of our friends animals, 4 cows, 25 or so chickens, 12 goats, a bunch of sheep, 4 white ducks, a great pyrenees mountain dog and their cat, as well as our own dear dog Sodo a golden labrador retriever (since passed) at their 100 acre bio dynamic farm for two weeks over March break.

The farm was still in the grasp of winter when we arrived, frozen solid, though it very quickly changed to a major spring melt down and kept us busy while engaging our special needs son. We had cows and goats breaking out of the fence with the green grass calling, a chicken passed in our care. A massive vegetable garden was covered in (soon melting) snow- lay on one side of the main house- and the barn where the animals lived- on the other. At the time I was (am still) struck by the synchronicity of the relationship between the vegetables and the animals, us humans in the middle, how (in my mind) we all need each other to exist in a healthy and balanced way. I wrote and completed Flowers Wild song during this animal care giving time, the lyrics are essentially a collection of ideas and feelings captured during our stay and cut and pasted together from a little journal I had written in. The title Flowers Wild actually came from a brainstorming name session with our singer song writer pal Tim Sheffield (see pic at studio recording with us for TIME in June 2019 for a folk collective we’ve been dreaming about together we named ‘Flowers Wild-Music for the Young at Heart Folk Collective and the title of our dream collective was part of the inspiration for the song Flowers Wild from the album TIME.

New record coming soon…

Kyra and Tully ‘Time’

Kyra and Tully on speaker stage in Berlin, Germany photo by: Chantal Fatouh Berlin 2019

Kyra Walker and visual artist M.P. Tully, Tully Pearson are in the final mastering stages (Martin Davis Kinack) of a brand new fully produced, 11 original songs studio album called ‘Time’.

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Germany here we come!

For performing purposes..we will be bringing a little guitar and Tully a wee keyboard on our travels to Germany this summer. Our last week will be spent in Berlin, where we have at least one confirmed show, 8pm, Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Barton Finks, Berlin, Germany.

EXCLAIM! Review April 2015

Review of Journey Home by Sarah Towle    EXCLAIM!

There’s something distinctly Ontarian about Kyra and Tully’s fourth release, Journey Home. Between Kyra’s stunning, Sarah Harmer-esque vocals, the winter weather-inspired lyrics and the laid-back banjo arrangements (and perhaps their history of being featured on CTV’s Degrassi Junior High), this Kingston-based husband-wife duo is Central Canadiana to the core.

Journey Home kicks off with the gentle — but drum-driven — “Write About It,” a song made to be cranked on a car radio while driving through cottage country. Similarly, the title track is full of those aforementioned Sarah Harmer octave leaps and gentle backing harmonies, which hold the album’s catchiest chorus (“Cold Winds through Ontario/Shake the Windows”). There’s also something in there with that small-town, dingy watering-hole sound: the lo-fi blues tune “Why Don’t You Call.”

While Journey Home lends itself to a handful of deliciously sweet moments, the album tends to suffer from a minor identity crisis, bouncing back between a singer-songwriter sound on the Kyra-dominated tracks and a more blues-rock sound on those featuring Tully (“Thunder and Lightning” and “Why Don’t You Call” are the stand-outs). But overall, the EP lends itself to the roots of its composers — straight from the heart of the Heartland province. (Independent)