The Record Centre Ottawa 2020

photo by Paul Pearson Jan. 2020

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Kyra and Tully to perform at The Record Centre in Ottawa!

Kyra and Tully photo by: Simon Dickens 2019
Kyra and Tully in snow at farm photo by: Simon Dickens

4pm, Saturday, January 25, 2020 at The Record Centre, Ottawa

Berlin, Germany: we’re bringing our sweetest songs to share with you this summer!

painting by M.P. Tully

We are currently working on our fifth studio album, and will take a little break from the studio to, listen to rough mixes, work on concept design etc and play a few shows in Germany this summer!

Kyra & Tully, Alex Agustin and Graven at Musiikki Cafe Friday, May 10, 2019

-photo by Meredith Dault-
photo by Meredith Dault
photo by Meredith Dault
photo by Meredith Dault
photo by Meredith Dault

Summer 2018 Mill Street Cafe in Sydenham and Bringing the Cows Home and more

It has been a special summer for music because we are feeling creative and inspired,  writing lots and playing music together and with close friends (Tully’s painting lots too) while surrounded by natural wilderness beauty. We had an wonderful time at Hugh Christopher Brown Wolfe Island Garden Party, the music was amazing and we got to play a few songs at the open mic during the day on the Sunday.  We swim in lakes as often as possible this time of year and get to natural places to enjoy the wonder of nature which fuels our creativity. (painting by

We are now starting to look ahead to what songs will be on our next recording and to us this is an exciting place to be as a recording artist!

We had a fabulous time at the stellar Skeleton Park Arts Festival, where Kezyan (and then other children) was invited on stage by Dave Bidini and oh what a thrill! We loved being able to be on stage for a couple of songs as part of the Community Sing Along on the Sunday afternoon and grateful for the beautiful community spirit in our neighborhood and city.

This summer we were invited to play a show at the Mill Street Cafe in Sydenham, Ontario, it was a jam packed room and a lovely attentive audience and we were feeling the love. The food and ambiance always stellar  and we hope to return to play at this sweet cafe next summer.

We were recently invited much to our joy and honor, to perform at the very inspiring, Bringing the Cows Home (Save our Prison Farms) event along with the awesome members of the Gertrudes and the Swinging Doors and the amazing Sarah Harmer. :

We also support the evolution of our Prison Farms and the compassionate centered work by (see site for petition to sign if interests you):