Love of Light, the Sixth Single from Time is Now Streaming!

Today, July 5th 2020 – the sixth single, Love of Light, is released from Kyra and Tully’s upcoming album TIME.

Single artwork for Love of Light by Erika Olson.

The duo will release a single on the 5th of each month (since February 2020) leading up to the full album release in November 2020

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The new single, Love of Light (featured single image – Original painting by Erika Olson is available right now on: BAND CAMP, YOU TUBE, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY. Distributed DIGITALLY INTERNATIONALLY on most platforms worldwide.

Kyra writes about Love of Light:

“Love of Light was inspired and written in Whistler, British Columbia, I lived there for a few years in the early 90’s after graduating high school. I wrote the lyrics after going on a glorious nature hike with close friends. I did not play a musical instrument then, I had written many songs as a child but I did not view this writing as a ‘song’ but more of a ‘poem’.

I found the poem some years later, (as a wife and mother) during one of our house moves. It was written so nicely on quality paper, I was inspired by it. I reworked the words to reflect the innocence of my youth and the wisdom of my experience as an older married woman with a child, modernized shall we say. I then structured it into a song, wrote simple music to add to it- and voila Love of Light.

When we made the decision to record another album, I knew I wanted to add this song, and was really excited about the thought of producing it and creating the music I heard in my head. We were fortunate to have amazing musician friends to work parts out with and we rehearsed (and performed live!) for weeks and months before going into the studio with Alex Terry and Tim Crease who at the time, were also my teaching colleagues at Mulberry Waldorf School.

Once in the studio,Chris Coleman worked his production magic and along with our stellar musician friends who added their talents, we created this song that we are sharing with you now, hope that you may feel inspired and love the light in your own life.” Kyra

Credits: Kyra (vocals, acoustic guitar), Tully (piano, vocals), Alex Terry (acoustic guitar, vocals), Mara Shaw (cello), Danielle Lennon (violin), Oscar Evans (drums), Tim Crease (upright bass). Produced by Kyra and Tully and Chris Coleman. Mastered by Martin Davis Kinack.