No One Really Knows, the Forth Single from Time is Streaming Now

Kyra writes about the writing and lyrics of ‘No One Really Knows‘ . “The actual writing of the song started while we were staying extended periods of time living in a cabin in the woods, helping to care for animals on a bio dynamic 100 acre farm. The song was then completed, weaned off reading from paper and first performed (over and over) in Berlin and other places in Germany and Europe, to ourselves, on trains, open mic, to friends in their living rooms and out on the streets.

When we left for Germany in the summer of 2019- we had completed the bed tracks for ten songs on our new album TIME. On the bus back home from Montreal to Kingston, Tully was insistent that No One Really Knows- be added to TIME and… thank goodness co-producer/engineer Chris Coleman agreed (!!!) and now we have an 11 -song record (to be released November 2020). It is the most rawly produced of the songs on TIME, appropriately so.

It is especially meaningful to us, to be releasing this particular single, No One Really Knows, in these times of a world wide pandemic, when important questions may arise about who we are, or think we are- as individuals, as neighbourhoods and communities, as a world?

After four years of study and work, I had recently received my certification becoming an Early Years Waldorf Teacher. My final thesis was about early years special needs children in Waldorf education and ideas around ‘ worth’.

I have wondered, reflected, studied for years about the seemingly societal hierarchy measurement of value and deemed worthiness of each living, breathing, thinking, feeling creature on earth. Including myself and all others, our special needs son, dogs and the farm animals. One realization I had was that ‘no one really knows’ so it was up to me to make up my own mind how I would choose be, think and act.

To me, kindness is the greatest human quality that we can choose to actuate.

The lyrics to this (and many of my songs) come in a heartbeat, in a flash and if I can catch the inspiration (is it even me writing this stuff??!!) and write it down… at that moment I know the words of the song are completed…(music comes after) yet often this ‘capturing’ of an idea arrives from hours, months, years of pondering and experiencing an idea. I am grateful I had the good sense to listen to myself on this one.. and to be sharing it with the world now.”

Credits: Kyra (vocals, guitar), Tully (vocals, guitar, farfisa organ), Chris Coleman (bass).

Artwork is by Erika Olson.