Stream the Third Single from Time, Ghost Walker

The third single ‘Ghost Walker’ is now streaming on Band Camp. The title was inspired by one of Kyra’s favourite naturalists: R.D. Lawrence- who wrote many books. One, a non-fiction book called ‘Ghost Walker’, was about his observations and interactions with a cougar in interior British Columbia.

Kyra had wanted to write a song about animals for years, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  “The idea came when spending long periods of time with my family, at a house at Buck Lake, (where they also lived in a cabin for few years). The song idea was started in the summer at the lake house … then worked on the next autumn at another Buck Lake house, then completed at Buck Lake the following summer during another extended stay.”

Ghost Walker features: Kyra (vocals, acoustic guitar), Tully (piano, vocals), Alex Terry (violin, vocals), Tim Crease (upright bass), Mara Shaw (cello), Danielle Lennon (violin), Chris Coleman (acoustic guitar, shaker), Oscar Evans (drums). Produced by: Kyra and Tully and Chris Coleman. Mastered by: Martin Davis Kinack.

Artwork is by Simon Andrew.