18 Wheels

words and music by Tully

Hey you’re two minutes too late

Driving that truck back to LA

and you’ve been driving for long

Turn up the volume for the song

Taking pills to stay awake

your brains in pain and your body it aches


Just about ready for that ocean swim

turn that switch back to FM on your radio, radio, radio

Just to feel the dial between your fingers

spin it around to change the singers


Next fuel station

you’ll be stoppin

turning off that guy who’s talking on your radio, your radio, radio

Turn on your radio, yay that’s right, put it on a station that you like.


Just you and these 18 wheels rolling down the highway.

Turn on your radio, turn on your radio


Call your wife, you’ve been running late, driving that truck back from LA

And you’ve been driving for long, turn up your radio for your song.

On your radio, radio, radio RADIO!