Love In All These Things

words by Matthew Reesor
music by Kyra and Tully

There is courage in delayed reply
stepping forward beyond the line
Sifting through consequence
burrowing down for a wider stance
There is beauty in a planted stone
in knowing how the sunshine feels
Finger folded beneath the chin
deep breath held as robins sing

There is strength in giving it over
letting a child lay down the beat
Open lips that hold back words
assured embrace of joyful discord
There is love in all these things

There is wisdom in passion seen through
realizing all we want is already ours
Pedal pressed for time and money
high note held fuses family
There is honor in a step retraced
embrace, shadow and waxing moon
Tender kiss returns the light
warm caress lifts the weight


There is love in all these things (Repeat)