Everyone should get to hear this sweet and truthful music.Bruce Cockburn

There’s something distinctly Ontarian about Kyra and Tully’s fourth release, Journey Home between Kyra’s stunning, Sarah Harmer- esque vocals, the winter weather -inspired lyrics and the laid back banjo arrangements (and perhaps their history of being featured on CTV’s Degrassi Junior High, this Kingston -based husband -wife duo is central Canadiana to the core…Sarah Towie/ Exclaim. ca

The Ep’s title track “Journey Home” is a proper Canadian folk tune, using Lake Ontario as the setting for a melancholic song about love, it’s reminiscent of Joni Mitchell’s music-down tempo and melodic, glazed with a tint of sorrow and a feeling of loss. On “Journey Home” Kyra’s vocal performance is largely featured, along with string accompaniment. Her careful and flawless transition between chest and head voice and gentle pronunciation of each word make the songs nature inspired lyrics all the more poetic..” Elysse Cloma / Grey Owl Point

‘Kyra & Tully’s insidiously hooky songs have a way of sticking with you long after the disc stops spinning’. — Now Magazine (Toronto)
‘Journey Home weaves gentle melancholy with a bright, happy pop sound. From the alt-country title track to a reworked version of Love in All These Things, Journey Home has a finessed and polished sound.’ — Kingston Life Magazine

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Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


Photo credit Suzy Lamont.


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Photo credit David Chang (Light and Lens).


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