Thunder Bay

words and music by Tully

Listening to the crashing waves
all eternal travelers someday go away
she would be happier in some other place
I was feeling all alone
so I went out on the highway
went out on the road
thinking about all the stories that she told
last night I read the letter that she wrote
before she flew away

Traveling away traveling away
I’m on my way to Thunder bay
the sun’s been hiding behind the clouds all day
and it looks like its going to rain

Had this dream I was flying from Cleveland
going to ancient Rome
looked out the window at the road to my home
all I need is cool clear water for these skipping stones
rocks that shall be thrown

I’m out in the night
the mosquitoes are biting
dancing with the amber lighting
though we’re far apart
she will always be in my heart
we’ll meet again someday